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How To Plan A Soccer World Cup Theme Wedding – And Still Be Classy!

Let's face it, for the past few weeks, the only thing anyone has been talking about is SOCCER! Everywhere you go, anyone you connect with, is talking about the world cup. And if your wedding dates are planned around this time of the year, you’re sure to have groomsmen (if not the groom) sneaking off to catch a replay. Entire nations are under the 'Soccer Spell' right now, and it will most likely affect your wedding too. So if you can’t escape it, embrace it! Now, we're not suggesting you turn your wedding reception into a game night party (unless that's your style). Just like with any theme, we suggest you use it in a select few ways only, and not let it overtake your entire day. You can still have the classy and elegant wedding of your dreams and incorporate the Soccer fever around you by using some of the ideas below.

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Save The Date:

Every wedding begins with the Save The Date and that in itself is a perfect time to have fun with your theme. Custom made soccer shirts that read your wedding dates will definitely leave a mark in everyone's memories. This works perfectly if you're having a casual engagement photoshoot anyways.

Cake Toppers:

Custom cake toppers always add a personal touch to your big day. They are especially high on the list of favorites because they made excellent keepsakes. Why not incorporate them into your theme too. We love this one we found on Etsy. It seems to express the bride’s sentiments perfectly! These generally take about three weeks to prepare so make sure to place your orders well in time.



We've got cake toppers covered, but we can't forget the cake itself.  Here is a perfect example of how you can incorporate your theme, and still stay classy.

Your cake need not have green turf with goal posts on either end. Instead try a more elegant alternative. We absolutely love this embossed cake. Take a close look, there is a soccer ball incorporated into the design- and it’s beautiful! You didn't expect that did you?


Guest Book:

Create an 'experience' out of your theme. Incorporating your theme into places where guests will interact with them is a sure shot way to ensure that everyone leave with wonderful memories of your special day.

We absolutely adore this idea. Why not have your guests “autograph” a few soccer balls instead of writing notes in a traditional book. I can guarantee they will love the experience and everyone there will make sure to get a few words in.

This idea is perfect because you get the opportunity to make your guests feel like celebrities and you get to take home unique memoirs that would make great conversation starters when placed in your home or office.

Place Card Holders:

You could dress up your entire table-scape in the colours of your favourite team if you like, or add giant glass soccer ball vases filled with fresh flowers as your center pieces. But you don’t always need to go big to make an impression. A simple and easy way to spread your theme across the room is to add these adorable place card holders. One things for sure, you’re definitely going to get a lot of attention from the tweet-ers and instagram-ers out there.

Wedding Photos:

Finally, what wedding is complete without some stunning photographs? Take a look at some of the ideas below and see how you can create some breathtaking pictures while keeping the soccer fever alive. These could also be used for thank you cards after the wedding. A great way to conclude your classy soccer themed wedding.

Are you getting married during soccer season? Or do you have any additional ideas for how to incorporate the soccer fever into a wedding while still keeping it classy? Add your comments below.

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