• Farida Pedhiwala

Long Weekend Wedding - Do or Dont?

Are you contemplating having your wedding during a long weekend? Is this a smart thing to do? I am asked this question at least a handful of times a year. My long weekends are usually booked with a wedding on the Saturday or the Sunday, and the bride and groom always have put thought into this decision. So, why do some couples choose Victoria Day weekend (or Memorial Day in the States), Easter weekend, Labor Day weekend, or Thanksgiving weekend?

While brides have their reasons for choosing a long weekend, some are against it. They reason that most people have already planned their long weekends — people plan vacations, or plan to take the time to relax and spend with family. This can most definitely happen, which may result in reduced attendance, and can disappoint the couple. But then again, those that care for you will be there to celebrate with you!

Financial reasons may exist, too. Guests would have travelling expenses if they are from out of town and usually will require at least a two-night hotel reservation. This extra cost may not be in your guests’ budget. Hotels are typically much more expensive on long weekends.

Another downside is the traffic from all the happenings around town on a long weekend. These weekends bring more tourists and just get people out and about. You don’t want to chance being late for the ceremony or reception should there be unexpected traffic.

Another big reason that some avoid long weekend weddings is that wedding suppliers are extremely busy and some take on too many jobs for that weekend and then they overextend themselves to everyone and you may get less attention or proper service from them, as opposed to if you were only amongst a couple of other events, and not one of 10.

However, there are very strong points for going ahead with a long weekend wedding. If your family and friends are from out of town, then a long weekend may be the best choice, as guests would need the time off work to attend. Long weekends will allow you more time to relax and enjoy time with your guests.

Long weekend weddings also allow you to choose a Sunday reception, which is usually less expensive than a Friday or Saturday.

Many of my clients’ guests have also expressed that long weekend weddings allow them to enjoy the city as well. They are coming for a wedding but at the same time, they get to vacation and see a new city. They really make a whole weekend of it filled with good food, good shopping and great company.

One important thing to keep in mind, if you are seriously considering having a long weekend wedding, send out save-the-dates early! We cannot stress this enough. Even if you haven’t chosen your venue yet, let guests know that you have indeed confirmed the date and the formal invitation will follow. This will give them a head’s up that they should block off the weekend.

Whatever you decide, make sure you have considered all the pros and cons. Your gut instinct will lead you to the right decision.

Did you have a long weekend wedding? Or have you been a guest at one recently? What are your experiences- convenient or a hassle?

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