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A Resource Bank For Coping with Stress & Anxiety Related To Covid19

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

On May 8th we chatted with Aarti D, registered practicing social worker and an April 2020 bride (check out the video if you missed it LIVE). We discussed several resources and coping strategies for the dealing with the feelings of stress and anxiety, how to identify your feelings and most importantly where to seek help?

Aarti identified so many valuable resources and has been kind enough to put together this list for us to share. This is by no means an exhaustive list an does not replace medical help, our aim is simply to share with you the resources available so we can all get through this together.

List curated by Aarti Dhanda, MSW, RSW (Registered Social Worker & Therapist)

Helpful Websites:

1. Virus anxiety website is an American resource but offers great resources, answers common

questions and has free meditations and is easy to read.


2. If others are struggling with mental health and you need help on figuring out how to support

them, this is a great place to start and is easy to read.


3. An anonymous mental health forum that has really great free resources, workshops and

ability to connect with others.


Helpful Workbooks:

If you aren’t ready for therapy or prefer a self-help approach, these are wonderful free

workbooks based on evidence based strategies to help us cope with uncertainty.

1. Tolerance for Uncertainty Workbook: This workbook is very well written and simple to

understand and covers the skills we discussed in the Live interview as well as others.

2. 10 quick tips you can do right now to reduce anxiety: This is a simple 2 page resource you

can access quickly for some support.

Helpful Phone Numbers Including 24/7 crises support:

To get connected to free supports in your community call 211. You can call this number from

any phone and there is a website depending on whether you are in Peel, Toronto or Durham


This is the Ontario website: https://explaincovid.org/glossary

For 24/7 support for emotional support, mental health and crises intervention, you can call the numbers below if you need to talk with someone or are in distress. If it is an emergency, please take yourself to the hospital or call 911.

24/7 Crises text line: https://www.crisistextline.org/ or text HOME to 741741

24/7 Toronto Distress Centre: https://www.dcogt.com/ or call 416-408-4357

(HELP) or text 45645

Special Note From Aarti

"I hope that you find these links helpful and are able to access support. Remember you are not alone and emotions are normal. There are a lot of people who are be happy to help. Please share these resources with others. I hope that you find a moment of calm and peace today.

Take Care,

Aarti Dhanda, MSW, RSW"

Bookmark this page if you need, and share it with others who you may be in a similar situation as yourself. Remember mental health is not "visible" so you never know who may need the resources you are sharing.

If there are any resources you have found helpful and are not listed above, please feel free to add them in below or send me a message if you'd like to stay anonymous.

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