• Farida Pedhiwala

Positive Planning III : A chat with Aarti D social worker and April 2020 bride

Wedding planning is stressful, but wedding planning in 2020 has been a nightmare! Aarti was scheduled to be married in April 2020, that was before the pandemic changed everything. Aarti came on as a guest speaker to share her own experience, and lucky for us Aarti is a practicing social worker and full of valuable insight having experienced it all first hand.

She shares her own thoughts, how shes feeling and how to cope. She helps understand our feelings, and identifying where they are coming from. This is one of our longest chats so far, but definitely worth watching till the end!

Aarti has also created a list of resources and shared the same with us for our resource bank, access the links she talks by visiting our Resource Bank

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