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Be True To You - Especially on your Big Day !

“Be Yourself!” We hear this all the time from friends or family, from educators or mentors and these days from the internet too. There are a dozen quotes that come to mind that emphasize the importance of being yourself or not changing who you are to please others. Everyone knows it so why am I writing about this topic then?

Over the past couple years, we’ve worked with numerous brides and had the pleasure of interacting with several families in the midst of wedding planning. Often we’ve found that when it comes to the wedding day, the pressure brides feel is parallel to none. We’re finding more and more brides getting swept up in the latest trends, and obsessing over what they think are “must have’s” for their big day. But I’m here to tell you today, that you don't need to look a certain way, or act a certain way, or order a certain meal just because “its the thing to do”. Be true to YOU and be the best possible version of yourself on your big day.

If you’re a shy person, and hate being on the dance floor, skip that first dance when all eyes are on you! And if you’re a goofy jokester, wear those multicoloured socks and wear them with pride!

Sometimes you’ve seen a swoon-worthy picture on instagram that you love and really want to re-create for your engagement photoshoot, but give it a moments thought before you jump right in. The outfit she's wearing, would that look good on you? Will you be comfortable? Are those 6 inch heels really reflective of who you are? There's nothing worse than a bride trying to be someone else because its glamorous. If you’re a sneakers and jeans kinda couple, then wear that. Or if you are the kind of couple who loves the beach then let that reflect in your day.

And guys and girls, the only other person who’s happiness is as important as yours is that of your future spouse. They already know the true you and they love you for it! So if you’re really uncomfortable in contact lenses, then keep your glasses on!

A lot of the weddings we work on are a mix of more than one culture, especially here in the Greater Toronto Area. Embrace that, and have fun with it. Yes the taco bar’s are very popular at the midnight table,but if you’ve got a room full of south-asians then I’m certain that a Chai bar by the Elchi Chai Shop or The Chai House will be a bigger hit! Or if you’re looking to incorporate your traditional self with your Canadian self, how about a Mac & Cheese Samosa for apps by the lovely ladies at The Chai Shop? How about a date platter  from Khajur-e-khaas instead of the macarons you saw at the last wedding you attended? Ask yourself, is this what I really want? Does this reflect who I am? Maybe you’ll find you want to skip the wedding cake and opt for a live jalebi counter for dessert instead - but again, do it if that's really who you are, not because that's the latest trend!

When you are yourself, you’re naturally happy and when you feel your best, you automatically look your best too! Plus you save a lot of energy when you’re not stressing about doing something you’ve never done before or wearing something you’re conscious in. And lets face it, there's plenty of other things to stress about!

I’d like to clarify, we’re not advocating using your wedding as a day of rebellion and skipping traditions parents or families care about! Once again, ask yourself, “is this something I really want?” And if you find yourself in a tough spot, or facing clashing ideas, then talk to your wedding planner, there may be a way to tweak an existing idea or a vendor who might be able to accommodate your requests. You wont know till you try!

If you're still not convinced, know that when you’re comfortable and at ease, you feel really good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you look great. You’ll be fresher and happier and will look great in pictures too! Its your day, ditch the stress and have it your way and be true to YOU!

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