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The Best Time To Book Your Wedding Coordinator

Congratulations, you’re engaged! It is time to pick the magical date. But once you have done that, a very popular question we often see brides ask is, “when do I start booking vendors for my wedding?” The answer is always the same - the sooner the better! And this cannot be truer than in the case of booking your wedding day of coordinator.

If you’re working with a full wedding planner, you definitely want them onboard from the beginning of your wedding planning journey - they are going to be an integral part of it. However, sometimes couples choose to wait until much later to book their day of coordinator. We don’t think waiting is a good idea, but instead believe you should booking your wedding day coordinator around eight or nine months before the wedding. Here's why.

Access To Planning Tools:

Most wedding planners are equipped with a suite of wedding planning documents. This will include planning sheets, checklists, tip sheets, tables/charts, and tons of templates. Priceless resources for any bride to be! At Fariday Events, our day and month of coordination package gets you access to these valuable tools and includes a personalized, cloud based folder for the couple that is pre-loaded with their wedding planning tool kit. Getting this set up earlier in your planning process means you stay organized from the beginning, manage your tasks and deadlines, and plan just like a professional.

Vendor Recommendations:

Wedding planners work with numerous weddings every year. This means they have met and worked with more wedding vendors than you will have the time to personally meet with when planning your wedding. This makes wedding coordinators an excellent resource to have when searching for other vendors for your big day. Need a good make up artist? Looking for a photographer? Just send a quick email to your wedding coordinator and gain access to a list of vendors vetted by us. We like to keep our finger on the pulse and will be among the first to know who the latest and greatest in the industry are - at various price points! Plus we also prefer to work with vendors we trust and whose service standards meet our own, so you will end up with a wedding team that works great together to ensure your wedding runs flawlessly.

Ongoing Support:

It may seem like we are not working closely with our day of coordination clients until weeks prior to the wedding, however we make it a point to stay connected. Once every four to six weeks, we reach out and check in to ensure you are keeping on top of your to-do lists and that everything is moving along nicely. We are also always available via phone, text or email to answer any questions regarding your wedding day. Vendor contract, linen choices, floor plan suggestions, we’re here to help. So even though you’ll be doing the bulk of your wedding planning yourself, you will still have the benefit of having an expert on standby in case you need it.

Of course, you’ll want to keep in mind, that the most reputable wedding planners are the ones who get booked up the fastest. So it doesn't hurt to reach out sooner!

Happy Planning!

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