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Wedding Cash Gifts- Simplified

So as most of you know, we are only a few weeks away from my due date, and as a result we have slowed down on working wedding contracts this summer. However that doesn't mean we aren't attending weddings this season- and it certainly doesn't keep me from sharing some valuable Wedding Wisdom with you all! This weekend we’re attending the wedding of a dear friend and as I thought about the gift giving part, I just knew I had to write about it!

No Boxed Gifts Please: 

As a wedding planner I have been to several weddings where the couple “requests no boxed gifts please” yet we are left with 10ft tables filled with gift bags and large (often heavy) boxes for the couple to take home. They’ve made you a request, respect it. There are several reason why the couple may not want a boxed gift, they may be moving and luggage is limited, they may be looking forward to shopping for their new home together, or they simply don't want a new DVD player- either way, they’ve made a request, and you care for these folks enough to give them a gift so why not make it a gift they want?

What’s the most appreciated Wedding Gift you ask? CASH! just cold hard cash! Ask any couple you know, the answer will be the same - everyone loves the green stuff! But you have to do it right! Don't make it unnecessarily difficult for the newly weds to enjoy your gift. Read these tips below and be a gracious giver.

Send An Email Money Transfer:

This would be the easiest way to do it. Send them money, electronically, without the fear of them losing the card/envelope. Give them the password separately and allow them to choose which bank or which account they wish to deposit them money into. Email transfers allow you space to write a personal message to the recipient and you’ll get a confirmation soon as they accept. You can do this a day or two before the wedding too so you don't have to worry about it when you’re fixing your hair or choosing your bow tie on the evening of. If you’re having trouble walking into the wedding empty handed, write a card, mention the email transfer but don't include the password here. Just a sweet little note wishing them well will do.

Write a Cheque:

This is where some trouble arises. Heres some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid titles like “Mr. Mrs. Ms.” and just stick to the name of the person. This sometimes complicated matters when depositing the cheque

  • Use ONE NAME not two. Write the cheque out to either the bride or the groom, but not both! According to TD Canada’s website, if a cheque is written out to two parties then it can only be deposited into a joint account. And the newly weds may not have opened one up yet. Yes its true it depends on which bank they use, or who the teller is on the day of, maybe they will get away with it, but why put them in a situation where they may need to worry about this. Just pick one name, and stick to it. If you absolutely must use more than one persons name use an “or” in between instead of an “and”.

  • Write the cheque out to PRE-MARITAL names. Name changes take time, depending on where the couple is located, and their current bank may not have accounts under their new married names, so as much as you're excited about the new Mrs.XYZ stick to using her maiden name when writing the cheque.

  • Use the bottom left of the cheque (the notes or Re: section) to write out a message to both the bride and groom so they know its a gift to share. This could be as simple as “Congratulations John & Jane” or “Wedding Gift for the Doe’s”

Give Cash:

As we mentioned above, just plain and simple cash seems to make everyones day. Its better than a gift card that restricts you to one store and its easier to put together and save up for big ticket purchase. It eliminates all of the above mentioned worries with writing a cheque, and allows a couple to decide where they want to deposit or spend their gift. Also depending on the account type they have, each separate cheque may count as a separate transaction incurring a small fees upon depositing, however all the cash can be put together as one single deposit making life easier for the newly weds.

Cash is boring you say? well it doesn't have to be. Get creative with it, theres tons of ideas you can use.

How About A Money Tree With Actual Money In It?

Or Some Toffees Made Of Coin Rolls?

Better Yet, Why Not A Full Full Candy Box Filled With Cash?

You Can Do Something Simple Yet Fun- Here's What I'm Doing For This Weekends Wedding:

Have any more tips on Wedding Gift Giving? What were your experiences in giving or receiving cash gifts? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below.

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