• Farida Pedhiwala

Why Hire A Certified Event Co-ordinator?

In a purely logistical sense, weddings are essentially the biggest party a couple will ever host in terms of both number of attendees, as well as the amount of money spent. Trust me; you do not want to leave this event up to an amateur.

In January of 2012, I committed myself to an intensive program at the George Brown College in Toronto. Two years and seven grueling semesters later I left with an Event & Meeting Management Certificate, a wealth of experiences and a network of the industry’s finest. So why go through all that effort when there are wedding planning courses you can do in Toronto over a weekend? The answer is simple, there are no shortcuts to success and I believe in being the best. While its true that you can get a "Wedding Planning" certification by the WPIC by completing just 2 days of inclass instruction and a few hours of home study, by choosing instead to pursue an Event Management degree I studied and worked with some of the city’s most creative minds, and our professors were active industry leaders with years of experience.

Over the course of the program we covered a variety of topics like Event Logistics, Venue & Site Selection, Vendor Management, Event Financial Planning, Event Design and many more. One entire semester was dedicated entirely to Wedding Planning and included theory as well as tons of practical assignments and projects. We mastered the art of flawlessly executing events of any size and making it look easy. We also adhered to a strict ethical code of conduct and received training to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our clients (which comes in handy when you want your wedding plans to be a surprise!).

As a certified event coordinator I am connected with, and constantly network with those working in the beautiful world of weddings. We attend exclusive industry conferences and training seminars, and continue to grow professionally. We exchange ideas and technologies and keep our pulse on the latest trends in the market.

When picking a Wedding Coordinator, your dear cousin, your sweet friend from high school, or that lady down the street who throws amazing parties can seem like a good fit. But on your wedding day, when a problem arises (yes that happens!), it will take experiences and expertise to manage the situation and you’ll be glad you chose a professional!

Did you hire a Wedding Coordinator at your wedding? Share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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